Home Brew Hints – Sanitizing Your Bottles And Equipment

About Hita.com.vn

Launched in 2011, hita.com.vn specializes in providing sanitary equipment services and products of two quality brands on the market these days, Inax and to to. Hita.com.vn’s services and products include: high class toilets, tubs, washbasins, water heaters, bathroom supplies, sanitary ware, interior lights,… Over 4 years in performance Hita.com.vn has created confidence and can be the first preference of many customers.

Intro to toto sanitary equipment

Toto Ltd. (TOTO, Tōtō Kabushiki-gaisha), including TOTO, is the largest manufacturer of toilets on earth. It was founded in 1917 and is popularly well known for growing Washlet and products. The business is headquartered in Kitakyushu, Japan and possesses manufacturing centers. The title”Toto” stands for boncautoto just two Japanese words that constitute its name, Toyo Toki (東洋 陶器, Oriental Ceramics).