‘Smart Drug’ Modafinil Improves Memory And Cognitive Function, But Is It Ethical To Use It?

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They found that participants had a significantly improved working memory compared to the placebo group. Though it has a risk of abuse, some people use it to stay up for way too long, which might, of course, make you sick, as with most drugs. For some people, it may provide a quick-fix brain boost but it doesn’t work for everyone. DISCLAIMER: I cannot talk about biohacking brain without discussing the latest research on psychedelics but that does not mean that I am endorsing their use. On the other hand, some individuals will have a greater ability to make logical connections between abstract concepts, perform difficult calculations or read difficult technical materials.

If you read my last post about my experience with modafinil, you will know that I did not have a good first experience mixing modafinil and alcohol. Patients were able to perform better at writing, perform technical analysis and read and have it much easier to complete these tasks. Also, the Modafinil wears off faster this way, which can make going to sleep at night easier. It will not make you do work when you don’t want to.

But after 3-4 nights, my body got used to it and I was wise enough to take it early in the morning (around 7-8 am) so that I could sleep soundly when I go to sleep by midnight. A 100 mg dose of Modafinil is the threshold dose for people who suffer from narcolepsy. When someone who is diagnosed with ADHD takes Adderall, it helps them be more focused, attentive and to control their behavior. A study published in the journal Psychopharmacology found that modafinil may help improve your impulse control. Not Feeling Like Getting Off the Couch? Taking modafinil might be useful when you need to drive when you’re feeling mentally tired. I’ve taken my fair share of ADHD drugs in my time—all unprescribed—so I know when I get that pop of synthetic clarity.

But I’ve tried it again under different circumstances and got different results. My face got bright after my first drink and I felt kind of buzzed after the first drink—which never happens. But if there is a day where I only got 4-5 hours of sleep or if I really need to buckle down and get a crapload of work done, Modafinil is my go-to. A study published in the Journal of Sleep Research examined how much both of these drugs improve cognitive function in military workers who have undergone 64 hours of sleep deprivation. And the aim of the treatment is to support, educate and spur on you to live your life peacefully.