产品参数 【食品名称】:黔台酒(七十年) 【香型】:酱香型 【配料】:高粱,小麦,水 【酒精度】:53%vol 【净含量】:500ml 【执行标准】:Q/RQT0003S-2011  【生产企业】:贵州省仁怀市茅台镇黔台酒厂 【地址】:贵州省仁怀市茅台镇环茅中路九十三 黔台酒”历史悠久,古老相传,承载着中华文化精髓,栉风沐雨三百年。黔台酒得天地之灵气,采撷纯净优质赤水河之水,取自天成的绿色原料,穿越时空隧道,经身怀精湛技艺的酒匠由窖藏百年的国宝级酒加独特的传统秘方配制而成,黔台酒素有”风来隔壁千家醉,雨过开瓶十里香”的美名。 黔台酒以其独特的个性风韵,从更广泛的意义上,已超越了其本身,衍变成酒界的瑰宝而获得了各阶层人士的推崇。黔台酒更希望将此酒中瑰宝奉献给所有喜爱品酒尤其是钟爱酱香型原味白酒的社会各界人士,让酒香香飘世界,举世共享!林先生:19924566061 邮箱:946201638@qq.com 客服请点击

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China PCB Fabricating & PCBA Suppliers Report

Who’s MOKO Technology China Electronics Profile

To widely offer our shoppers professional services with fastest time and minimum rate, Moko Technology Ltd Electronics does have its PC Board manufacturing area (established in The year 2002, based in MeiZhou , GuangDong province), PWB assy manufacturing area (established in 2006, situated in Bao’ An district, Shenzhen City) and Circuit Card design staff. MOKO Technology China can provide turn key services covering everything from PCB design, prototype making to volume PCB Board assy production. And of course , if you have placed volume order to MokoTechnology and your design is brand new and must be evolved or changed in the real application, our competent technicians can provide you the sound support devoid of asking for any extra money.

Very competitive Cost

MOKO China routinely stock above 5000 popular elements from excellent makers and always work with the well-known electronic elements suppliers like DigiKey, Mouser, Element14, , Avnet, and Future Electronics to warrant our logistics system is smooth and work for both the urgent demands and common needs with fastest lead-time and competing price.

On-time Delivery

We are able to perform the quick delivery and decrease clients’ wait time, simply because:

1, We frequently stock more than 5000 wide-spread elements;

2, Our company has one of the most professional procurement team and cooperate with world famous electronic components distributors;

3, We possess our own Electronic Circuit Board and PCB assemblage manufacturing unit;

4, We have our own design department who is able to enable clients to handle the sophisticated technical problems.

Quality Promise

We make sure that all of the items we made are 100% certified and have at least twelve months guarantee time, but the requirement is that all the elements of the products are provided by us (which include Electronic Circuit Board, electronic parts and assembly work). And for those boards only partially services provided by us, we’re only accountable for the liability of the services provided by us.


We treat all of your information as very discreet and make every effort to guard your intellectual property(IP) legal rights.

The confidentiality of your information is covered with the subsequent means and processes.

Permitted entry only: To outer users, only verified users can access information that he/she is authorized to check out. To inside users, access of info is on a need-to-know foundation. Your information are compartmentalized and connected to number IDs. For example, our production engineers who can access design files can merely see project and customer IDs; our shipping and delivery will not demonstrate billing information; and our accounting will not have a look at design files.

If you have any queries regarding where and how to use printed circuit board assembly companies, you can make contact with us at our own page. Security audit: We carry out daily security examination to stick to our security standards.

Erasure of info: We will wipe out any certain info when requested.

Contact with Us Shenzhen MokoTechnology