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Haim Women in Music III full album

Haim Women in Music III mp3

Format: 320kbit/s, mp3

Premiere: June 26th 2020

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File size;: 359,5 MB

File format: Haim Women in Music Three zip file

Haim Women in Music III album songs list:

Los Angeles

The Steps

I Know Alone

Up From A Drema


3 AM

Don’t Wanna

Another Try

Leaning On You

I’ve Been Down

Man From The Magazine

All That Ever Mattered


Now I’m In It


Summer Girl

HAIM – the three sisters from Los Angeles take a big step and land on their most surprising record after their pretty debut and a second album that could not meet expectations.

As with so many albums, the release of “Woman In Music Part III” has been postponed by the Corona crisis. Even more crucial here is the sound shift, away from sugar-coated pop and all-too-hard Eletronica to more classic rock elements, to Alanis Morrisette and Sheryl Crow and a large portion of self-confidence.

The record was created in a depressive phase by singer and guitarist Danielle Haim, indicating isolation and overwhelming fears. On “I Know Alone” she sighs: “Days get slow like counting cell towers on the road / I know alone and I don’t want to talk about it.” Just as if the lockdown had anticipated a few weeks ago.

In the cheerful opener “Los Angeles” she thinks about leaving her hometown forever. “New York is cold / I tried the winter there once”, she explains before her judgment follows emphatically, underscored by a loud saxophone: “No!”

“Now I’m In It” is driven by a trembling bass line and breathing breathing drums that are deeper in the blues than most of what Haim recorded before. And “Leaning On You” made use of the hip guitars from Fleetwood Mac.

Only in “3 AM” does the trio drop back into audiotune pop, which no longer really arranges with the new retrospective airiness. Because the record is covered with a punk of fine dust, which is balanced by gentle guitar, sparkling piano lines and the background vocals of the two sisters.

It almost seems as if the doors to HAIM will be open musically in all directions. Forecasts difficult from now on.

If you’re wondering which website to download Haim Women in Music III full album – it’s the right place. The mp3 files are compressed into the zip file, so you can download Haim Women in Music Three at once. So now you can listen to Haim Women in Music III offline, universal mp3 format can be played on every mobile device. Thanks to our website you can easily download Haim Women in Music III for free on you device. Music files are compatible with all devices, so you can listen Haim Women in Music III full album on any device. All songs from Haim Women in Music III are 320 k/s quality. So if you ask your self where can i download Haim Women in Music III, now you can do it for free. The Haim Women in Music Three premiere date is June 26th 2020. Now you can download Haim Women in Music III for free, and enjoy music.

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365 Days Full Movie Online


Watch 365 Days Online

Hey, now you can watch new movies. You can watch the movie for free, however, the number of free slots is limited. To prevent overloading our servers, we introduced mandatory, free registration.

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For several days, the 365 days movie has been available to Netflix subscribers around the world. The production based on the best-selling novel by Blanka Lipińska did not get too many positive reviews in Poland, but was included in the TOP10 most watched on Netflix. We remind you that the movie hit the popular platform on April 1, 2020. However, now it is a sensation around the world. 365 days is one of the most watched movies and series on the Netflix platform in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Greece and … many other countries. TikTok users also got interested in the movie story of Laura and Massimo! What is the new challenge in the popular application?

TikTok users around the world have gone crazy about the movie 365 days. Hashtag # 365days already has over 248 million views in the popular application. It is also worth noting that this number is still growing. There was even 365 days of challenge, in which TikToku account holders record themselves during the screening, share their impressions about the plot and acting. However, the most popular are movies that show how TikToka users react to hot scenes with Laura and Massimo starring.

Many people also love the beauty of the Italian gangster. Michele Morrone, who plays one of the main roles, commented on the global success of the film 365 days. The actor did not hide his emotion. As he himself admitted, unlike Massimo he is a very sensitive man.

However, it is worth mentioning the negative comments that appeared on TikToku, as well as on Twitter. Internet users return, among others attention to the brutality of some scenes in the film 365 days. They point out that the promotion of sexual violence is unacceptable – this is a widely discussed issue in the United States. Others criticize the acting and script. There are also comparisons to 50 Gray faces.

There is no doubt that Blanka Lipińska has achieved another success, this time international. The author thanked her fans from Poland and around the world for interest in the film 365 days, as well as for using a legal source of distribution. In her speech on Instagram Stories she assured that the second part of the film will be created. What’s more, the author admitted that “it will be even better”. The film will probably hit the cinemas in 2021.

Critics did their best to prevent 365 days from becoming a hit. However, their efforts were in vain. We rushed to the production screenings in crowds, which is why it gathered one and a half million viewers. Of course some left embarrassed and others delighted. And since we all have a sense of national pride, we had to somehow react to foreign opinions about the native title. And again we stood on both sides of the barricade.

Blanka Lipińska’s famous debut in 2018 in the form of the erotic novel “365 days” resulted in the film adaptation of the book of the same title. Filming directed by Barbara Białowąs entered the cinemas in February this year and just a week after the premiere gathered over a million viewers in front of the screens.

Despite the turnout success, the film inspired by Lipińska’s novel met with harsh criticism of the reviewers – both due to the quality of the film and in terms of its message (one of the main allegations is the sexual violence promoted in the film and the objective treatment of women).

Interestingly, since Netflix released “365 days” in its international library on June 7, from various parts of the world, next to criticism of the film, there are very enthusiastic opinions about it: viewers from Great Britain and the US are already asking for the continuation of the title and the English translation of the Polish book .

Comparisons to the best-selling series “Fifty Shades of Gray” by E.L. James and her film adaptations impose themselves: here is “liberated” (with this one could argue, especially in the context of the objectification of women in both titles), a nude woman takes on an erotic plot (until now usually reserved for men) and bravely breaks taboos women’s sexual fantasies. Well, there is supply, there is demand. Apparently, both James and – in Poland – Lipińska have shaken into a certain niche. Film reviewers can wring their hands and feminists protest, but the fact is: people like this kind of cinema.

So it goes on in “365 Days 2” and “365 Dni 2”: At the end of the first part Laura and her kidnapper Massimo actually fell in love – they even want to get married. But then Laura is kidnapped by a Mafia competitor from Massimo.

In the sequel, Massimo does everything to free Laura from the clutches of his competitor – and he must also find a way for the future to better manage his new love and his dangerous life as a Mafia godfather …

So it goes on in “365 Days 3”: Finally it works with the long planned wedding of Massimo and Laura. But then Laura, who is now pregnant, is shot shortly after the marriage.

Massimo has to make the difficult decision whether he wants to save the life of his wife or the life of the baby – making “365 Days 3” the “Sophie’s Choice” of the station literature. In addition, there are other serious changes in the house …

The erotic film “365 DNI”, also known as “365 Days”, is about sex. But if you think the film only teases explicit topics like “Shades of Gray”, you’re wrong. During a vacation in Sicily, career woman Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) longs for a change. She no longer felt comfortable in her boring and overwhelming relationship with Martin (Mateusz Łasowski). Mafia boss Don Massimo targets her and wants to win her over.

But instead of the usual fanatics, he simply kidnaps them. Laura should fall in love with him in 365 days. Instead of roses and chocolates, Massimo prefers dominance and bondage. In bed he is in charge and tries to tie Laura to himself with it – and with the ropes on his bed. His love for power games and hard sex is shown openly in the film, so it gets hot. The recipe for an erotic classic: a passionate drama, seasoned with mafia-like machinations and rounded off with a dash of romance.

The film “365 days” is an affirmation of psychopathological obsessive behavior, shows that the will of the socially or physically stronger individual authorizes the enslavement of the weaker. It is the science that clothes, yachts, apartments, biceps and power are the only way to a happy life.

“365 days”, i.e. the film adaptation of the book by Blanka Lipińska, has already been included in the “rich-porn” genre, which is characterized by stuffing as much sex as possible on screen, including in luxury means of transport and real estate with a porter. The film with Anna Maria Sieklucka in the role of the main character kidnapped by a handsome mafiosis was accused of misogyny, chauvinism, objectification of women, extreme sexism, classism, body-shaming, victim-shaming, inducing sexual frustration, glorification of rape culture, glorification of belonging to organized crime groups of armed nature, and finally glorifying the Stockholm Syndrome (random order). The number of blatant offenses against the values ​​fought by liberal-emancipatory environments from around the world, combined with the fact that the film takes first place on Netflix’s global charts, caused a real stir. It’s hardly surprising, however, “365 days” is a bad and harmful movie. First things first.

Watching “365 days” all the time we have the impression that we are observing a naive fantasy of glamor, glamor and handsome brunettes with exaggerated jaws as character traits. Men who give orgasms and warmth to their women, and give orders to their subordinates. The heroine of the main hijacking hero is described by the heroine herself: “Imagine a strong male who always knows what he wants, and is your guardian and protector with whom you always feel like a little girl. Which has a body carved by God Himself, and the devil. ” No, I did not invent it, in this film such texts really fly, and the further the more similar issues describing how our heroine perceives: relationships, love, work, life and a dream man.

Anna Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone will play the main roles in “365 days”. It is their romance that will ignite all viewers. Laura is a beautiful and talented girl who is successful in her professional life, but there is no happiness in love. The girl is embroiled in a long-term relationship without passion, which she gives the last chance during a trip to Sicily. It is there that she is noticed by Massimo – the boss of the Sicilian mafia family. The man, when he miraculously avoided death, saw in front of his eyes the image of a beautiful girl and went crazy about her. The Italian decided at all costs to find the woman of his dreams, until one day he notices Laura Biel …

The film “365 days” appeared in Polish cinemas in February, and for some time has also been available on Netfliks. Despite the unfavorable reviews, the film adaptation of the bestseller in the genre of erotic novels has achieved significant success. And now it got loud about her abroad. All thanks to Netflix, which introduced “365 days” to its offer in various parts of the world. For example, in the Philippines, he climbed almost to the top of the most popular films in the country.

Interestingly, on Twitter, hardly anyone raises a topic that was widely commented in Poland after the premiere of “365 days”. That is, the topic of rape and showing the use of a woman as something positive and desired by the victim in her own way. Netflix foreign users don’t bother that for the most part. And they seem to treat it as a harmless fantasy.

What do you not like about “365 days” abroad? Strangely, this is not an acting game, screenplay or mentioned controversy, but the way in which Lipińska’s first film ends. The new fans are looking forward to continuing, and many say that they would gladly read a second book if it appeared in a language they understood.

The story is not simple. Laura Biel (played by Anna Maria Sieklucka), a manager in an elegant hotel, goes with her fiancé and friends to Sicily. A beautiful island is to help flare up the dying feeling. Does not help. Fiance, even on vacation and on the birthday of his beloved, prefers the company of a friend or his own. Laura is sad and resentful. When he walks alone through the streets of Taormina, he bumps into a handsome Italian who takes her into the unknown. To her great surprise, it turns out that he was looking for her for years. The girl accidentally fell in his memory at the time of traumatic experience. And here begins the game between desire and desire for love. Massimo – played by Michele Morrone, an Italian actor fulfilling himself 100 percent in his screen incarnation – he kidnaps the girl, but he doesn’t want to take her by force. He wants her to love him. And he gives her 365 days.

The main character is not overwhelming beauty, much less a porn star. It’s a pretty girl next door. Plus for the cast, because they will be able to identify with her so-called ordinary girls. A deadly handsome Italian lover takes her shopping, balls and yachts. He is rich and lives in the palace. In contrast to the exotic fiancé, he is completely focused on Laura. For this he is strong, imperious and caring. Sounds like a dream come true for many women, at least on the screen. And that’s it. And that numb dialogues and actors too? This is secondary.

Nice pictures, Italian landscapes, nicely photographed heroes are an important part of the workshop in an erotic film. There was a widespread expectation of a flap, and in the meantime a nice erotic movie was made, in which first there is love and then sex, and finally a white dress. “Gray” in Polish is promiscuous and more attached to traditional values ​​than its American film counterpart.

“365 days” is the Polish answer to the American trilogy about Gray. Like all three parts of Mr. Gray, the Polish film was based on the novel – under the same title, authored by the greatest scandalist among Polish writers, who successfully maintains this myth, i.e. Blanka Lipińska. Ms. Blanka, moreover, oversaw the creation of the film, and – attention, spoiler, but already everyone wrote about it – appears in one of the scenes as a bride.

The film based on the novel by Blanka Lipińska became an unexpected hit after the premiere on Netfliks in the United States. All thanks to the popular Tic Toc application among young people, where there was a challenge in which you had to record your reaction to the sharpest sex scene in the movie. Thanks to this, the film quickly got to the first place of the most watched films overseas.

The popularity of the picture, however, did not overshadow the eyes of American film experts who strongly criticize Polish erotic. Portal Variety admits that the only thing that deserves attention are sex scenes – but a moment later adds that a few seconds preview of the production on the popular Pornhubie would be enough.

“» 365 days «is the story of an empty idiot who is kidnapped by a handsome mafiosis and has a year to fall in love with him” – we read in the first sentence of the review. “This story is even more regressive than the popular children’s fairy tale” Beauty and the Beast “. Imagine that beauty doesn’t mind that the beast kills many villagers if he gives her some strong orgasms on the yacht,” adds Jessica Kiang from the portal.

The author of the review believes that “365 days” is simply a manifestation of stupid sex policy, two views of misogyny and disgusting erotic suggestions. He does not leave a dry thread on the dialogues, which she thinks is the worst aspect of the film, and claims that the consent to rape appears in the production.

Information on where to watch the movie “365 days” online for free is primarily looking for those who would like to watch the new production of Blanka Lipińska, based on her novel of the same title, at home. We have very good news – at the end of March 2020 on the official Netflix profile in social media there was information that the movie “365” days will hit Netflix on April 1. It will therefore be the only legal source through which you can watch “365 days” online.


Michele Morrone – Massimo

Anna Maria Sieklucka – Laura

Bronislaw Wroclawski – Mario / Massimo’s right-hand

Otar Saralidze – Domenico / Massimo’s man

Magdalena Lamparska – Olga / Laura’s friend

Natasza Urbanska – Anna / Massimo’s ex-lover

Grazyna Szapolowska – Klara / Laura’s Mother

Tomasz Stockinger – Thomasz / Laura’s father

Gianni Parisi – Massimo’s Father

Mateusz Lasowski – Martin / Laura’s boyfriend

Agnieszka Warchulska – Bank manager

Przemyslaw Sadowski – Hotel manager

Michal Mikolajczak – Security Chief

Internetional titles:

Boneco do Mal 2

The Boy: la malédiction de Brahms

Setono vaikas 2

The Boy: Bramhs’ Curse

The Boy – A Maldição de Brahms

Дечак 2

The Boy: La maldición de Brahms

Cậu Bé Ma II

If you don’t now where can to watch 365 Days, its the right place. Now you can watch 365 Days for free. We offer the HQ version of the movie on our site. It’s streaming with the latest movies. You can watch it now without waiting for the premiere online. Avilable versions: 720p, 1080p, BrRip, DvdRip, Youtube, Multilanguage and High Quality.

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Situs-situs permainan on line poker telah menjadi lebih dan lebih populer perian ini sebagai alternatif pembentukan kasino. Mereka adalah cara yang nyaman bermain bervariasi poker game dalam kesenangan rumah Anda sendiri. bola tangkas website membuat permainan virtual poker tersedia untuk pembimbing dan lanjutan poker tokoh yang sama. Namun, tersedia beberapa hal yang harus dipertimbangkan ketika mencoba untuk memilih situs poker baik untuk memainkan permainan ini menghibur. Keselamatan adalah satu hal yang penting untuk dipertimbangkan ketika mencari untuk bermain poker games online dan meneliti situs sebelumnya mungkin membuat poker permainan sedikit lebih aman daripada jika Anda adalah untuk hanya melompat tepat dalam tanpa berpikir.

Kedua, hal lain yang pemain bola tangkas online calon harus melihat ke dalam sebuah web online poker sebelum start bermain adalah peluang yang baik seperti orang-orang yang bermain permainan ini on line uang mencari untuk unggul. Ketiga hal untuk mencari dalam poker website berkaitan dengan jenis permainan poker yang menawarkan situs web. Akhirnya, hal ini selalu baik untuk melakukan beberapa penelitian mengenai apa yang akan menjadi taruhan batas sebelum memilih poker web yang kalian ingin untuk membonceng. Silahkan Kamu mengunjungi poker bri 24 jam untuk menguji peruntungan dan ketrampilan Anda dalam game poker Online dan temukan bonus-bonus menarik.

Keamanan internet menjadi minat yang lebih serius hari ini, sangat penting untuk mengetahui bagaimana uang bakal ditukar sebelum, selama & setelah poker game dan apa informasi keuangan Anda akan harus memberikan untuk bermain poker online. Dalam dunia di mana penipuan internet terlalu hadir, sangat penting untuk memastikan kalau Anda memanfaatkan poker website yang adalah secure web – web. Oleh karena itu, sangat penting untuk tahu sebelumnya bahwa informasi keuangan Kamu akan tidak ditransmisikan sedemikian rupa mana mungkin terdapat kesempatan bagi seseorang untuk mendapatkan memegang itu & menggunakannya dengan cara yang salah. Memeriksa ke dalam semua fitur tersedia kesyahduan sebelum memulai untuk bermain poker di sebuah situs web adalah smart bergerak dan salah satu yang saya sangat menyarankan bahwa Anda melihat ke dalam.

Hal lain untuk diperhatikan ketika memilih sebuah website poker tertentu sebelum tampil permainan kartu yang luar biasa ini adalah spesies peluang akan hadir dalam permainan online poker. On line poker adalah cara yang bagus untuk bersenang-senang & mungkin membuat sedikit duit dalam proses; Namun, sangat penting untuk mengetahui apa-apa yang akan menjadi kesempatan Anda sebelum duduk dalam meja virtual poker. Kamu kemungkinan akan mampu penelitian peluang dengan pergi ke situs poker yang kalian mencurigai tentang menggunakan dan mengamati apa yang mereka kudu katakan pada subjek. Jika situs web tertentu tidak memposting informasi peluang itu, maka Anda mungkin kian baik pindah ke web lain yang menerbitkan spesies informasi.

Jadi Seorang Pemain Poker Ulung

Poker mungkin tampak seperti pekerjaan keren dengan model glamor, tapi apakah tersebut benar-benar terjadi? Baca terus untuk melihat jika Anda siap untuk mengubah pro. Jika Anda membaca ini, Anda mungkin bermain tangkas ‘banyak’ dan sangat menikmatinya. Tapi apakah Anda ingin bermain poker 5 – 6 kali seminggu untuk sisa hidup Anda? Ini mungkin tampak seperti bola tangkas adalah satu-satunya hal yang Anda ingin lakukan sekarang, akan tetapi dalam waktu beberapa tahun Anda mungkin berpikir sebaliknya!

Juga memperhitungkan varians tersangkut. Ada kemungkinan bahwa Anda mungkin telah berjalan pada atas harapan. Dalam poker, ke bawah tak terelakkan dan Anda harus sanggup menanganinya. Ke bawah bisa sangat keras dan jahat. Bersiaplah untuk mereka, karena tidak peduli seberapa cantik Anda, itu akan tercipta pada Anda. Silahkan Kamu meninjau poker 24 jam untuk menguji peruntungan dan ketrampilan Saudara dalam game poker Online dan dapatkan bonus-bonus memikat. Anda perlu untuk menjadi benar-benar tenggelam di poker dan mengetahui tentang hampir segala sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan tangkas. Anda perlu memiliki dorongan untuk bermain poker pada setiap hari jika Anda ingin menjadi seorang pemain tangkas profesional.

Bila Anda mengaktifkan pro, Anda perlu untuk terus meningkatkan terus-menerus. Paling profesional poker pemain terus meningkatkan setelah mereka sudah berpaling pro. Anda perlu untuk terus-menerus dimasukkan di dalam waktu dan mencari ilmu membuat permainan. Umumnya, tangkas dan kehidupan sosial bukan berjalan beriringan. Tetapi kalau Anda dapat menemukan konformitas yang tepat antara bola tangkas dan hidup maka tersebut adalah bonus. Anda kudu bertanya pada diri sendiri bagaimana Anda akan dipandang oleh keluarga Anda, sahabat dan masyarakat di mana Anda tinggal di. Menghalai-balaikan nasihat terakhir ini bila Anda tidak peduli segala sesuatu yang orang lain pikirkan Anda!

Lupakan apa yang kalian lihat di TV. Muncul rata-rata profesional poker pemain adalah tidak cukup seperti pemain poker yang Kamu lihat di World Tangkas Tour atau World Series of Poker. Mempersiapkan untuk menggiling panjang. Bayangkan karier seperti aktor dan melapuk bola (soccer). Di sesi paling atas, ada hadiah besar dan mereka mayoritas kelebihan pembayaran.

Tapi untuk sebagian besar, itu merupakan menggiling! Hal ini kian baik untuk memiliki zaman panjang hasil yang konsisten dari turnamen besar wahid menang. Jika Anda sudah membuat lebih banyak uang dari poker daripada pekerjaan Kamu selama 12 bulan final maka Anda mungkin kelar untuk mengubah pro. Tetapi untuk pro, Anda harus benar-benar membuat lebih penuh dari poker daripada tingkah laku Anda normal. Jika Anda membuat tentang jumlah yang sama uang sebagai telatah Anda saat ini, Dikau mungkin harus tetap berpegang pada pekerjaan Anda.

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